CCTV Systems have become increasingly common in our homes, offices, in our cars and even on the streets. As they often says a picture captures a thousand words - therein lies the strength of CCTV system for monitoring and security.

As a monitoring system, CCTV allows us to remotely see and care for our loved ones at home, monitor and maintain standards of staff at work or shops.  For the many young families, CCTV always the parents to see how the children are being cared for at home, or whether the child is doing work or is always online on the computer. It can also let those with elderly folks at home, monitor the safety of their loved ones. With CCTV, one can be assured and perform better at work, knowing that all is well at home.

As a security system, CCTV allows crimes, break-ins or misbehavior to be captured, reviewed or submitted to the Police to aid in investigation. Identification of perpetrators can lead to faster arrest and return of valuables lost.

Astron Networks is partner company with Certis Cisco in the implementation of CCTV solution for the residential market. We also have substantial experience is the commercial space and have implemented a number to large solutions in retail malls.